Thursday, February 28, 2013

sharing is good (?)

     As a kindergarten teacher, I encounter a lot of questions, concerns and sometimes, complaints, from the parents of the kids in my class. Most of these are reasonable and just and I always find myself agreeing with them… they are THE parents anyway, they should know more than I do when it comes to bringing up their children. However, there was once instance I could not bring myself to “understand” their point, no matter how hard I tried.

     It started out as a regular weekday afternoon. I just finished 2 wonderful hours of singing and dancing and fooling around with my boisterous class of thirty 5-year-olds. A parent then approached me and asked me to do one thing for her: teach her child not to share. I was surprised, astounded in fact, and I curiously asked her why. According to her, every afternoon, she should ask her daughter how  school was and the daughter would always tell her how she had a great time coloring with her seatmate using the crayons daddy got her last week or how she gave half her cookies to the girl she played with during snack time. I patiently explained that as a kindergarten teacher working in a Christian school, it is part of my job to teach the learners basic core values like telling the truth, working hard, helping others, and of course, sharing what you have to those in need. She answered me straight – you can teach her everything you want but don’t teach her to share.

     The next day, I talked to my fellow kindergarten teachers about what happened and about the value of sharing. Since we all have different family backgrounds and upbringings, it was expected that we would also have different perspectives about it. Some of us regard it as essential, while others seem to give it less significance. However, we all agreed on one thing: teaching children to share is more than just simple value integration, it is in itself a moral dilemma.

Do we teach children to share and risk having others abuse their generosity? 

Or, do we teach them NOT to share and risk having them grow up selfish?


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

like little kids :o

There is nothing more satisfying than hanging out with your friends, having tons of fun while jumping around like silly little kids .. :)

My silly friends :)

burger sale?! can't wait!

Kikay Pinay's Good Food Guide: Riley Simon Grilled Burger and Ribs

Who doesn't want grilled burgers and spare ribs? if you are a true blooded carnivore, like i am, there is nothing more satisfying than eating real 100% real meat seasoned and grilled to perfection.. and you can get both from Riley Simon Grilled Burgers and Ribs located at Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City.


For P160.00, you can treat yourself to this gigantic 6-inches 100% pure beef RS burger complete with tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise. The bun is home-made so you are sure that it is freshly baked just for you. It is so enormous that you 2 people can share this meal and go home full and satiated, well of course, if you're one voracious eater like me, sharing won't even be in your vocabulary. :)

RS Basic Burger @ P169.oo
this is not the best burger i have had though, some local burger joints in the city like Backyard Burgers, offer better tasting and more appealing versions but what gives RS an edge is the size of their servings. one can also order a smaller burger, 4 inches to be specific, if you are on a budget (it costs P89.oo only)..


this I can say is the reason why i keep on going back to RS.. Their spare ribs with rice meal is just heavenly :) For only P149.00, you get 1/4 kilo of perfectly grilled spare ribs in a tangy sweet and hot bbq sauce. the meat is succulent and juicy it literally falls of the bone when you eat it. 

For those who are health-conscious and are concerned about the effects of eating too much grilled meat because of the threat of carcinogens, RS conveniently printed an explanation right onto their menu, and I quote..
"According to the American Cancer Society, PAHs form when fat from meat drips onto the charcoal. They then rise with the smoke and get deposited with the food.... RS uses infrared flame grilling which avoids the production of carcinogens."

...delicious and healthy, what else can beat that?

You can check out their FB page here

or you can call them @(082) 284-2963 / (082) 295-7828 (ecoland branch).. happyy eating!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Kikay Pinay's Guide to Eating: Keepsakes MTS Review :)

If you've visited the recently renovated Matina Town Square, you would surely not fail noticing the new location of Creating Keepsakes, one of the strip's cutest and craftiest restos :)

Creating Keepsakes is a cozy little cafe resto that serves affordable dishes that would not only satisfy your tummies but will also delight your hearts. Upon entering the resto, you would be greeted by their lovely staff standing behind a counter decked with flowers, heart cut-outs and loads of charming knick-knacks. To the right, you will see a display case of some of the cutest cupcakes you'll ever find.

Now enough about the ambiance, let us move on to the menu! Showed here are two of my top favorite dishes in Keepsakes, Fried bangus and Lechon kawali, both served with rice shaped in these adorable moulds!

Fried Bangus *check out the star-shaped rice! adorbs!*

My favorite: Lechon Kawali :) crispy and tasty! with rice shaped as a cuddly bear ^_^

I especially recommend the spicy (!) buffalo wings that would surely scorch your tongues and make you ask for more rice (good thing extra rice is affordable here at only P10/serving). ;)

Aside from rice meals, they also serve pasta dishes, sandwiches and LOADS of dessert. Their fruit-flavored waffles in creamy sweet syrup is a must-try, as well. I am yet to taste their other specialties but i,'ll update this post as soon as i have tried something new. 

The only downside i can think of about Keepsakes is their looooong serving time.. like you have to wait for 30 minutes before your food will be served, but that could also be because every time i go there, they are jam-packed with customers.. i don't mind the wait much anyway since i get so absorbed looking at the resto's decor that i don't notice the time heheh... besides, quality food, like love, needs time to cook, right?. :)

Visiting the Home for the Aged :)

The year 2012 has been a year of blessings, joy and abundance for me and my friends.. so much so that we decided to start the new year by sharing our good fortune to those who are in need. We first planned to go to RSCC - an orphanage for abandoned infants- but about a couple of days before going, we changed our minds and decided to go to the Home for the Aged instead. 

Wait.. let me correct that. We didn't just go to any regular home for the aged.. we went to the 
Immaculate Heart of Mary Home for the Sick, Abandoned and Dying Destitute.
Quite a name right?

L-R Bret and fiance Ailyn, Lyndon and I, Nancy and husband Dennis

Before going to the institution, we first stopped by G-Mall to buy some cookies, Milo, Milk and some other supplies that we packed into individual bags to distribute to the patients (the nuns call the lolos and lolas there patients and not residents). One of our friends, Ann, cooked pansit while Nancy brought some carbonara. With all these simple gifts in hand, we drove to Sarphil where the institution is located.

We were greeted by a Puerto Rican nun who readily introduced us to the Home's Mother Superior. They both instructed us what to and gave us some tips on how to communicate with the patients. The girls in our group were asked to go to the female ward while the boys went to the male ward where we would be serving the pansit and carbonara ourselves. The nun said it would be best that way so that we would feel exactly what we were doing and so that we could also mingle with the patients. 

When all the patients were done eating, we spent some time talking to them and even singing them some songs.. Lolos and lolas surely love to sing! there was this one lola who was totally blind because of cataracts who sang "sa araw ng pasko" as a thank you for the food we gave them. it was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.. :(

After an hour, the nuns told us that the patients need to rest so we already had to say goodbye. On our way out, the patients kept on shouting "babay sa inyo," "balik kayo ulet," and "daghang salamat" that even the boys we were with left with tears in their eyes. The Puerto Rican nun who first welcomed us walked us out and gave us small prayer cards, thanking us one by one for what we did for the patients that day. i was overwhelmed by her gratitude that i was not able to answer.. if i could go back to that day, i would have thanked her as well.. i would have thanked her for teaching me, teaching all of us, the value of gratitude, of compassion and of contentment.

The other girls in our group (L-R) Creze, ann, arriane, joyce and xandy

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Heroes and Sons

You don't raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if it's just in your own eyes. ~ Walter M. Schirra, Sr.

Reiner and Baby Isaac

Lyndon and Baby Kyle

Addicted to Massage :) the best and WORST massage parlors in Davao

Lyndon and I are massage addicts :) hehe.. It all started September of last year (the busiest month at work - since it is our company's anniversary).. we first tried vital sense in front of ateneo grade school and it was truly perfect. since then, we've been trying to visit as many different massage parlors and spas around the city to find out which one is the best..

Vital Sense Massage & Spa       ----  

this is one of the best spas for me :) must try - combination massage for php320. sometimes they have 20% discount promos during holidays. they give out privilege cards too which entitle you to an additional 20% discount as well. not bad!
Vital Sense Massage & Spa       ----
Dr 7 Peter Carriedo Bldg., J. P. Laurel Ave.

Bahia Spa and Wellness

Next on my list is Bahia Spa in Metro Lifestyle Torres. This is quite pricey though for those who are on a tight budget. A regular massage usually costs around php500. But there are other perks too. For your 500, you can already use their wet floor (hot and cold shower, sauna and jacuzzi - for men only). i got a privilege card for this spa as well giving me a pat for one get one free deal for regular massage plus two free foot spas as well :) weeee!
Bahia Spa and Wellness, Metro Lifestyle Fitness Center and Spa
Corner F. Torres St., and Jacinto Extension, Davao City
(082) 2286182 and (82) 2286180

Body Bliss Palm Massage

I don't have much to say about Body Bliss. It is simple and straight to the point. When you're tired and you want to get a massage but you only have php200, then this is the right place for you. my other friends don't like this much because some of the therapists are too "harsh" you might get bruises after your session :(
Body Bliss Palm Massage
Unit 2 Homecrest Res., Walnut St. corn Tulip Drive

Body Dream 

one night, after work, lyndon and i were supposed to go to scents and oils (more of that later) but they were full so we decided to go to bodydream instead. Lyndon was quite doubtful about it but the signange out front was quite promising so i bullied him into saying yes hehe. the place is relatively good (if you don't mind the strong musky scent of camphor). there are some purple lazyboys where you get to sit for your footwash before the massage. there are two peculiar things about this place. first,  their massage beds are on the floor! as in mattresses lying flat on the floor serve as your massage beds. second, after they massage you, they cover you up in BABY POWDER! they put soo much talc on you taht you go out feeling like espasol haha...

Door 5 LIM Bldg., McArthur Bangkal highway
i still have a few spas to tell you about but it is getting late and i am due at work in 30 minutes.. will be updating this blog when i get home later. cheers!

A kikay pinay's guide to Singapore :)

Last week, i had the great opportunity to go and visit the land of the Merlion, Singapore! It was my first time in SG and truly i was amazed by the beauty of this really small, but seriously progressive country. 
As a first-time tourist, there are quite a few tips we all have to keep in mind:
This is me while waiting for the train.. 

a. Invest in a hotel near the train station -  taxis are hard to find and expensive here so it would be best to travel by train. for my stay in SG, i stayed in HOTEL V which is right above the MRT lavender station. 


b. Look for a trusted Money Changer - It was just my luck that there was a money changer right outside my hotel. The exchange rate usually is P32.oo for one SG dollar. 
This is where I exchanged money - the clerk is a young Indian man and he was quite helpful and accommodating :)

c. try malaysian cuisine - cheap and delicious - SG restaurants are really expensive and good food come at a steep price. on my first day in Sg, i looked for a cheap but decent restaurant selling rice meals (since i am not fond of noodles and i am awfully allergic to seafood). Most of the ones i saw serve rice meals for 8 - 10 dollars per serving..that's like Php264 for one rice and one viand! ouch! fortunately, i found a small cafe just one block away from my hotel where they sell Nasi Lemak (2 pcs fried chicken, egg and rice) for only 2 dollars! yippeeee!

d. visit Universal Studios - the price may be steep, 74 SG dollars for one day pass, but the experience is worth it! must try - Transformers 4D, the mUmmy indoor rollercoaster, Shrek 4D in Far Far Away, and many more!

This is me in the busy, busy street of Bugis :)

e. Do your shopping in Bugis Junction - known as SG's little India, Bugis is where you could find cheap souvenirs to bring home. In the shop near my hotel, they sell Sg keychains for 10pcs - 10dollars, but in Bugis, you can buy 24pcs for the same amount. quite a bargain right? be prepared though because Bugis is always FULL of people. wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to WALK :) 

scrapbooking: thinking of ideas to make debut invites

last week, Tita Lai asked me, este ,  gave me the opportunity to make the invites for her youngest daughter's 18th birthday party :)  and needless to say, i said ABSOLUTELY!

she told me though that this is gonna be a surpise so i can not tell the birthday girl yet.. sayang! i've been dying to ask her what her favorites are so i could make invites that would speak of her personality. oh well.... so instead, i looked her up on facebook (you can tell a lot about a person based on his/her facebook page, heheh) and voila, i already have an idea!

i plan to use this adage as the focal point of the invites and put the celebrator's photo at the side so it would look a little bit like this:

i found this little craft shop where i could get all the stuff i need for this project.. i tried going there last week but sadly the shop was closed so i'm gonna try again this weekend :) i hope they'll be open then *fingerscrossed*
heaven :)

you can visit them at Door #3 Ramos Apartments, Mamay Road (after Phoenix damosa) and i'm sure you won't regret it!
check out their FB page!

or you can read more about this shop in this blog : :)