Monday, February 25, 2013

Kikay Pinay's Guide to Eating: Keepsakes MTS Review :)

If you've visited the recently renovated Matina Town Square, you would surely not fail noticing the new location of Creating Keepsakes, one of the strip's cutest and craftiest restos :)

Creating Keepsakes is a cozy little cafe resto that serves affordable dishes that would not only satisfy your tummies but will also delight your hearts. Upon entering the resto, you would be greeted by their lovely staff standing behind a counter decked with flowers, heart cut-outs and loads of charming knick-knacks. To the right, you will see a display case of some of the cutest cupcakes you'll ever find.

Now enough about the ambiance, let us move on to the menu! Showed here are two of my top favorite dishes in Keepsakes, Fried bangus and Lechon kawali, both served with rice shaped in these adorable moulds!

Fried Bangus *check out the star-shaped rice! adorbs!*

My favorite: Lechon Kawali :) crispy and tasty! with rice shaped as a cuddly bear ^_^

I especially recommend the spicy (!) buffalo wings that would surely scorch your tongues and make you ask for more rice (good thing extra rice is affordable here at only P10/serving). ;)

Aside from rice meals, they also serve pasta dishes, sandwiches and LOADS of dessert. Their fruit-flavored waffles in creamy sweet syrup is a must-try, as well. I am yet to taste their other specialties but i,'ll update this post as soon as i have tried something new. 

The only downside i can think of about Keepsakes is their looooong serving time.. like you have to wait for 30 minutes before your food will be served, but that could also be because every time i go there, they are jam-packed with customers.. i don't mind the wait much anyway since i get so absorbed looking at the resto's decor that i don't notice the time heheh... besides, quality food, like love, needs time to cook, right?. :)


  1. nice post. subukan ko nga dito next time. heheh..

    1. yes, try mo. ;) subukan mo ng weekday para di gaanong busy :)