Sunday, February 24, 2013

Addicted to Massage :) the best and WORST massage parlors in Davao

Lyndon and I are massage addicts :) hehe.. It all started September of last year (the busiest month at work - since it is our company's anniversary).. we first tried vital sense in front of ateneo grade school and it was truly perfect. since then, we've been trying to visit as many different massage parlors and spas around the city to find out which one is the best..

Vital Sense Massage & Spa       ----  

this is one of the best spas for me :) must try - combination massage for php320. sometimes they have 20% discount promos during holidays. they give out privilege cards too which entitle you to an additional 20% discount as well. not bad!
Vital Sense Massage & Spa       ----
Dr 7 Peter Carriedo Bldg., J. P. Laurel Ave.

Bahia Spa and Wellness

Next on my list is Bahia Spa in Metro Lifestyle Torres. This is quite pricey though for those who are on a tight budget. A regular massage usually costs around php500. But there are other perks too. For your 500, you can already use their wet floor (hot and cold shower, sauna and jacuzzi - for men only). i got a privilege card for this spa as well giving me a pat for one get one free deal for regular massage plus two free foot spas as well :) weeee!
Bahia Spa and Wellness, Metro Lifestyle Fitness Center and Spa
Corner F. Torres St., and Jacinto Extension, Davao City
(082) 2286182 and (82) 2286180

Body Bliss Palm Massage

I don't have much to say about Body Bliss. It is simple and straight to the point. When you're tired and you want to get a massage but you only have php200, then this is the right place for you. my other friends don't like this much because some of the therapists are too "harsh" you might get bruises after your session :(
Body Bliss Palm Massage
Unit 2 Homecrest Res., Walnut St. corn Tulip Drive

Body Dream 

one night, after work, lyndon and i were supposed to go to scents and oils (more of that later) but they were full so we decided to go to bodydream instead. Lyndon was quite doubtful about it but the signange out front was quite promising so i bullied him into saying yes hehe. the place is relatively good (if you don't mind the strong musky scent of camphor). there are some purple lazyboys where you get to sit for your footwash before the massage. there are two peculiar things about this place. first,  their massage beds are on the floor! as in mattresses lying flat on the floor serve as your massage beds. second, after they massage you, they cover you up in BABY POWDER! they put soo much talc on you taht you go out feeling like espasol haha...

Door 5 LIM Bldg., McArthur Bangkal highway
i still have a few spas to tell you about but it is getting late and i am due at work in 30 minutes.. will be updating this blog when i get home later. cheers!

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