Sunday, February 24, 2013

A kikay pinay's guide to Singapore :)

Last week, i had the great opportunity to go and visit the land of the Merlion, Singapore! It was my first time in SG and truly i was amazed by the beauty of this really small, but seriously progressive country. 
As a first-time tourist, there are quite a few tips we all have to keep in mind:
This is me while waiting for the train.. 

a. Invest in a hotel near the train station -  taxis are hard to find and expensive here so it would be best to travel by train. for my stay in SG, i stayed in HOTEL V which is right above the MRT lavender station. 


b. Look for a trusted Money Changer - It was just my luck that there was a money changer right outside my hotel. The exchange rate usually is P32.oo for one SG dollar. 
This is where I exchanged money - the clerk is a young Indian man and he was quite helpful and accommodating :)

c. try malaysian cuisine - cheap and delicious - SG restaurants are really expensive and good food come at a steep price. on my first day in Sg, i looked for a cheap but decent restaurant selling rice meals (since i am not fond of noodles and i am awfully allergic to seafood). Most of the ones i saw serve rice meals for 8 - 10 dollars per serving..that's like Php264 for one rice and one viand! ouch! fortunately, i found a small cafe just one block away from my hotel where they sell Nasi Lemak (2 pcs fried chicken, egg and rice) for only 2 dollars! yippeeee!

d. visit Universal Studios - the price may be steep, 74 SG dollars for one day pass, but the experience is worth it! must try - Transformers 4D, the mUmmy indoor rollercoaster, Shrek 4D in Far Far Away, and many more!

This is me in the busy, busy street of Bugis :)

e. Do your shopping in Bugis Junction - known as SG's little India, Bugis is where you could find cheap souvenirs to bring home. In the shop near my hotel, they sell Sg keychains for 10pcs - 10dollars, but in Bugis, you can buy 24pcs for the same amount. quite a bargain right? be prepared though because Bugis is always FULL of people. wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to WALK :) 

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