Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kikay Pinay's Good Food Guide: Riley Simon Grilled Burger and Ribs

Who doesn't want grilled burgers and spare ribs? if you are a true blooded carnivore, like i am, there is nothing more satisfying than eating real 100% real meat seasoned and grilled to perfection.. and you can get both from Riley Simon Grilled Burgers and Ribs located at Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City.


For P160.00, you can treat yourself to this gigantic 6-inches 100% pure beef RS burger complete with tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise. The bun is home-made so you are sure that it is freshly baked just for you. It is so enormous that you 2 people can share this meal and go home full and satiated, well of course, if you're one voracious eater like me, sharing won't even be in your vocabulary. :)

RS Basic Burger @ P169.oo
this is not the best burger i have had though, some local burger joints in the city like Backyard Burgers, offer better tasting and more appealing versions but what gives RS an edge is the size of their servings. one can also order a smaller burger, 4 inches to be specific, if you are on a budget (it costs P89.oo only)..


this I can say is the reason why i keep on going back to RS.. Their spare ribs with rice meal is just heavenly :) For only P149.00, you get 1/4 kilo of perfectly grilled spare ribs in a tangy sweet and hot bbq sauce. the meat is succulent and juicy it literally falls of the bone when you eat it. 

For those who are health-conscious and are concerned about the effects of eating too much grilled meat because of the threat of carcinogens, RS conveniently printed an explanation right onto their menu, and I quote..
"According to the American Cancer Society, PAHs form when fat from meat drips onto the charcoal. They then rise with the smoke and get deposited with the food.... RS uses infrared flame grilling which avoids the production of carcinogens."

...delicious and healthy, what else can beat that?

You can check out their FB page here

or you can call them @(082) 284-2963 / (082) 295-7828 (ecoland branch).. happyy eating!

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